A letter for Sara Ahmed

Dear Sara,

You made your resignation public last week. As your students, we want to tell you that we will miss you and to thank you for the huge effect you have had on us during our time at Goldsmiths.

You made the institution a place that felt like it had space for us. You made us feel differently about the institution, and what was possible inside of it. You saw the things that we came up against – the institutional walls – and you worked alongside us to push back against them. It was this pushing that created space that we hadn’t thought was possible. Thank you for your support in our feminist plots, in lending your feminist arms to ours.

We could not have asked for a better teacher and mentor.

We know that sometimes there are feminist reasons to leave institutions. We are sad to lose you, but we also know that this was a positive decision for you. We are looking forward to seeing where this departure leads you, and to reading what you write next.

Your feminist courage, as always, is inspiring.

In Solidarity,

Tiffany Page

Leila Whitley

Heidi Hasbrouck

Alice Corble

Chryssa Sdrolia

Zehra Husain

Kara Gordon

Nazanin Sepehri

Morgane Conti

Chandra Frank

Linda Stupart

Linnete Manrique-Robles

Anna Murray

Mijke Van Der Drift

Bahar Mustafa

Ella Fegitz

Anna Bull

Lieta Vivaldi

Gitanjali Pyndiah

Michelle Ohnona

Rosario Fernandez

Annie Goh

Linda Aloysius

Mayu Iida

Miranda Iossifidis

Lee Mackinnon

Valentina Alvarez

Ilya Brookwell

Rowan Lee




5 thoughts on “A letter for Sara Ahmed

  1. Really sad to see you go Sara as I only joined the university late last year, but agree wholeheartedly with the letter that there are reasons for you to leave which we support you in and understand. Your legacy will continue, here and elsewhere!


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